Blurry + Hinge is the partnership of Daniel Bellury and Hagan Hinshaw. 
We are a Brooklyn-based directing team specializing in creative solutions for web,
commercial, and film projects. 

Simply put, we like to tell unique stories about people, places, and things.


Atlanta native Daniel Bellury started making short films with friends in his teens. In early 2000 he started a production company with his father, an Atlanta-based writer/producer, doing corporate videos, local commercials, and even a cooking show for a local network. Daniel moved to New York In 2002 and has worked on projects ranging from feature films to big budget ad campaigns as a freelance director and editor. He's edited episodes for the Emmy award winning season of MTV's True Life, created branded content for brands like Gilt Groupe, and co-produced an award winning independent feature, Pop Meets the Void. He also makes electronic music under the moniker Common Future and plays in the group Daniels.

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Born and raised in Arlington, TX, Hagan Hinshaw moved to New York in 2005 to attend The New School. With a degree in psychology and media studies, he cut his teeth in documentary working on the feature length film Hotel Gramercy Park. Hagan then took up residency at Brooklyn-based production company Punched in the Head as an in-house producer/shooter/editor. He spent five years creating content for various television and commercial projects, including over fifteen episodes of MTV’s True Life documentary series, which was awarded an Emmy during the years of his contribution. He went on to direct other series for Fusion and National Geographic. He appreciates good design and good Tex-Mex. Equally. 

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